Valle de Guadalupe, known as the Mexican wine capital, is one of the most beautiful Mexico’s destinations. The Valley has beautiful views, excellent wines and delicious gastronomy, is a experience you can’t miss.


About an hour from the Mexican border and a few minutes from the port of Ensenada, lies the sunny Valle de Guadalupe, one of the most interesting destinations to enjoy some exquisite wines, excellent gastronomy, and spectacular views of the vineyards and the enriching experience of learning about the winemaking process.


Baja has been gaining gastronomical credibility for decades, but recently it is been emerging an impressive amount of talent and renowned chefs have chosen this place. People visiting this place are rewarded with a lot of limited edition, award-winning wines, some of the best olive oils, rich cheese and luscious food at some renowned restaurants of Latin America.

Undoubtedly the best way to spend your time in the valley is wine tasting and tours around the vineyards. We drive you to the best wineries, so you live the best experience that Valle de Guadalupe has to offer.


Te vas a enamorar!